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What is the RESONATE Engine™?

GO from expert to thought leader

The RESONATE Engine™ is a literal engine that sits in the engine bay of your business. This engine is the power generator that will allow you to accelerate past your competition.

Fire this engine up and ...

  • never waste another red cent on paid advertising
  • stop wasting your time trying to figure out social media
  • never have another meaningless online conversation with a stranger
  • get the "right" clients on the hook
  • and finally see the success you deserve

In as little as 48 hours, your personalized RESONATE Engine™ can be started up and running, and soon it will be humming like the finely-tuned machine it is.

Our dedicated, hard-working team will help you Secure YOUR Future, Build YOUR Credibility, and Ensure You NEVER Run Out of Clients Again…

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The Secret

The big secret to our RESONATE Engine™ system? It starts with a podcast.

In as little as 2 days, you can have the secret cocktail of ingredients that you need, and “wheels on the ground” processes running, to generate repeatable, sustainable, profitable revenues. (The great news: we build it for you.)

The Core Elements of the RESONATE Engine™

  • a professionally produced podcast (that lifts you up as the expert)
  • distribution of podcast to as many as 17 podcast networks (iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Luminary, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic, and every other major channel).
  • targeting the "right" audiences (to support your business)
  • booking the "right" experts (to get you in front of THEIR audiences)
  • show notes and content development (to mine the gems from each conversation)
  • social media strategy, calendar, and implementation (no more social media stress)
  • credibility and reputation capital (people will start turning to YOU as the guru)
  • automated systems will run while you sleep, and our team will back you up (you only need to do what you do best)
  • no paid traffic or paid ads PERIOD.

The investment? How much would you pay for a steady stream of clients? (We wake up every day to an inbox full of people asking to speak with us.)

What you get:

"Working with these guys changed my business trajectory in a big way. I can attribute at least 25X return in new income directly from the ideas I received. I could not be more delighted..."
— Lynne K.

  • access to proprietary, automated guest attraction system (GAS)
  • award-winning design and graphics for podcast
  • custom, licensed theme music for show and teasers
  • distribution to 15+ podcast networks, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more
  • executive production and episode development
  • technical and equipment support
  • optimal show content design (interviews, intros, outros, etc.)
  • professional audio editing (get rid of the pesky "ums" and awkward pauses, etc.)
  • top-shelf sound balancing and mastering for network-optimized listening
  • show descriptions and notes (optimized for all online platforms)
  • automated follow-up with potential clients/customers
  • social media content creation and calendaring
  • long-term relationship building
  • reputation capital in your industry


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WARNING: Working with us can seriously impact your health. You might find yourself having time to play with your kids, go on vacation, and lose a few pounds. You also might be able to finally afford those new teeth or diamond-encrusted iPhone case. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Download PDF below to see a few case studies (names have been removed to protect client confidentiality.)


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